City of Galveston New 59th Street Pumping Station

Five Star Electric (FSE) is proud to announce a recent order which took a great amount of knowledge and expertise. FSE scope of supply consists of (2) Siemens GH180 Variable Frequency Drives (500HP, 4.16kV), (2) Benshaw Solid State Starters (500HP, 4.16kV), Complete Automation System (Schneider/Invensys PAC 2750) along with Field Instruments and Automation Upgrade to the existing 30th Street pumping station.

The original 59th street pumping station was knocked out of service because of storm surge from Hurricane Ike. The City of Galveston is hoping to avoid these problems in the event of a future storm and rebuild the pumping station to comply with the current 500-year storm criteria and to withstand Category 5 hurricane wind. In addition the entire building shall be waterproofed up to elevation 25 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL), meaning no entrances, exits, windows, or minor pipe penetrations shall be below the elevation.

The proposed facility will have a new pump station building with break room and restroom, disinfection rooms for the storage and distribution of Chlorine and LAS complete with analyzers to test and monitor concentration levels in the water, electrical room and mechanical/control room. The City of Galveston believes the project will ensure that the entire island has continued potable water during and after a hurricane event.