Dallas County Park Cities MUD VFD Upgrade

Dallas County Park Cities MUD serves Highland Park and University Park who has 14,798 connections and a population of 32,030. This project involved replacing two existing 1000HP, 4160V Robicon Perfect Harmony drives that were at their “end of life”. There were significant challenges that we had to overcome with this project. First the customer desired to utilize the existing conduits from the power supply and motor load so we had to make sure the VFD would dimensionally fit in the existing space. The new VFD was actually smaller than the existing VFD so we had to design and add vertical sections to make the VFD larger to ensure it covered the existing conduits. Another major challenge that had to be overcome was the customer desired to duct the VFD air exhaust out of the control. This is one of the cooling methods that Siemens offers for their MV Drive Systems. By ducting the hot air out of the building it actually lowers the cost to operate the VFD. The customer had a room large enough with proper ventilation that would provide the make-up air required for proper air flow through the VFD.  Five Star Electric worked with the Contractor and Siemens to provide a system design that would partially use existing duct work that would be routed to the new VFDs. In the end we were able to provide a highly engineered VFD system that was delivered in 20 weeks. The use of this VFD has allowed Dallas Park Cities MUD more precise control of processes and allowing them to maintain their water distribution system to close tolerances.  Dallas Park Cities will see significant cost savings from their new drives thru lower energy costs, reduced maintenance and longer equipment life achieving a rapid payback on investment and long term savings.

Brent Jordan, Dallas Park Cities- System Analyst, wrote:

I want to personally thank each one of you for your outstanding performance on this job.  I was a real pleasure to work with each of you, and I hope to be able to work with you on future projects. Thank you.


Brent K. Jordan