Extending the Upper Limits

Siemens Industry Inc., Process Industries & Drives Division was recently awarded an order for a 30,500 HP motor and drive system for operating a Gas Compressor at the Atlantic Sunrise Compressor station 203 owned by Williams Gas. Williams owns/operates The Transco pipeline which delivers natural gas to its customers through its 10,200-mile interstate transmission pipeline system, extending from South Texas to New York City. The Transco pipeline system is a major provider of natural gas to the northeastern and southeastern states. Its compressor stations help move gas from the Gulf Coast to 12 Southeast and Atlantic Seaboard states, including major metropolitan areas in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Atlantic Sunrise Project, part of the Transco system, is designed to supply natural gas to meet the needs of more that 7 million American homes by connecting producing regions in northeastern Pennsylvania to markets in the Mid-Atlantic and southeastern states. The expansion will add 1.7 million dekatherms per day of pipeline capacity to the Transco system. The project will consist of compression and looping of the Transco Leidy Line in Pennsylvania along with a Greenfield pipeline segment, referred to as the Central Penn Line, connecting the northeastern Marcellus producing region to the Transco mainline in southeastern Pennsylvania. The preliminary project design includes a total of approximately 183 miles of new Greenfield pipe, two pipeline loops totaling approximately 12 miles two and half miles of existing pipeline replacement and two new compressor stations.

Since there have been more than 10, 000 Perfect Harmony/GH-180 MV VFDs produced to date, Williams approached Siemens to explore their capability to supply an electric motor/drive for the Gas Compressor at their Atlantic Sunrise Station 203. After careful deliberation, Siemens agreed that a GH-180 Liquid Cooled drive with a brushless synchronous motor could be successfully applied to this compressor. The entire drive system consists of a Liquid Cooled Drive with spare parts manufactured in New Kensington, PA, a liquid to air heat exchanger with N+1 redundant fans, a high efficiency, brushless synchronous motor designed for VFD operation manufactured in Germany, and training.

The GH-180 MV VFD for this application includes the patented Cell By-Pass feature allowing continued operation in the event of a Power Cell failure, redundant pumps in the Liquid Cooling circuit, and the integral phase shifting input transformer for reduced Input Line Harmonic distortion mitigation.
As an indication of Williams’ extreme confidence in the Siemens drive solution selected for their Atlantic Sunrise Station 203, they have subsequently awarded an order for a duplicate Siemens motor/drive system for their Atlantic Sunrise Station 207.

Both drive systems are scheduled to ship in 2016 and illustrate Siemens continued commitment to the product development necessary to support the motor/drive system needs of the Oil and Gas industry.