Irrigation Pump Skid for a Local Theme Park

Five Star Electric will be upgrading the irrigation pump skid control system for a local theme park in San Antonio.   Five Star is providing a turnkey solution to make the skid more efficient.  Since it is for a large park being able to automate the pump skid to work on its own was key for the operation.  The system is being upgraded to 4 VFD’s will reduce the energy needed to run the skid.  Five Star will also be automating the process to be more self-containing.

We will be automating the process by:

  • Touch screen displays system pressure, flow rate, pump status, and desired operating pressure
  • PAC modulates pump speed and starts/stops additional pumps to maintain desired operating pressure
  • PAC utilizes the system flow input to optimize pump operation based on required flow (i.e. if the 100 HP pump is being modulated to maintain pressure but the flow rate is such that the 25 HP pump could deliver the required flow, after a user adjustable time delay PAC will automatically shift to the smaller pump)
  • PAC controls speed of jockey pump during low/no flow conditions to maintain system pressure
  • PAC controls user defined discharge tank/strainer blowdown sequence
  • Modbus TCP/IP communication protocol is provided to interface with the site SCADA system to allow for remote control / monitoring of the process (customer to advise required interface capabilities)

System advantages over current operation are:

  • Automatic system pressure regulation
  • Centralized control and monitoring via Touch screen
  • Remote control / monitoring via Modbus TCP/IP communication protocol
  • Redundant PAC microprocessors provide seamless transfer in the event of a processor failure
  • Redundant pressure transducers provide increased system reliability
  • VFD starting of motors reduces inrush current to less than motor full load amp ratings, decreases torque transients on the pump and drive train, and increases motor life
  • Sophisticated motor protection
  • Manual operation in event of complete PAC failure
  • Bypass operation in event of a VFD failure

Five Star Electric will be manufacturing the VFD panels at their San Antonio plant.  Five Star Service will be providing all commissioning services for the entire system.