Lake Texoma Pump Station Improvements

Since 2009, NTMWD hasn’t pumped raw water from Lake Texoma. Five Star Electric, working with T-Star Engineering and Northeast Power Solutions, has assisted with increasing pumping capacities from Lake Texoma thru the installation of a SVC-Static VAR Compensator. Medium Voltage Dynamic VAR Compensation Systems greatly improves substation or plant power quality. Their main goal is to resolve power issues such as voltage “Flicker” and “Sag” due to weak power supplies or motor starting.

An SVC (Static VAR Compensator) is placed on an entire bus, and compensates for all loads on that bus – including multiple motors of different sizes. Like a VFD, it remains online constantly, correcting for all load changes, not just motor starts. After installation of the pump station the motor or load curves were off, thus not allowing the motors to start. The solution Five Star Electric offered was to stiffen the system. Using the equipment that was currently installed and adding a 1500 kVAR capacitor banks to the system when starting to reduce the magnetizing current drawn from the Utility. The medium voltage metal enclosed SVC are an economic, compact and easy to maintain source of reactive power.  The Static VAR Compensator are customer built to the requirements desired and shipped fully tested, assembled and ready for interconnections. They contain all switching, protection and all control.

Adding the SVC has assisted NTMWD in increasing pumping capacity from Lake Texoma to allow greater flexibility in the pipeline operation.