San Antonio River Walk to get new Automated Flood Control System

The City of San Antonio’s (COSA) Public Works Department will receive a new Automated Flood Monitoring Control System designed, supplied, and managed by Five Star Electric and Invensys. The system upgrade will be in effect at the San Antonio Tunnel System, San Pedro Tunnel System, Olmos Dam and the Marina Facility.


Over the past seven years, Five Star Electric and Invensys have diligently worked with COSA on a solution to upgrade the older and outdated software and equipment. Through historical data and experience, the team was able to demonstrate to COSA Public Works Department, that the Invensys/Foxboro I/A Series is a revolutionary concept that remains state-of-the-art due to open architecture enhanced by incremental upgrades and expansion life cycle.

This system enables COSA to save 70% as compared to a new system and utilizes the existing Invensys software and equipment platform.

As promised when the original system was deployed in 1998, it allows for upgrades and expansion without creating the need to “start over” with a completely new system. The Invensys Foxboro I/A Series offers COSA a system that will be on the leading edge of technology for years to come and forever up-gradable and expandable.

COSA awarded the contract to Five Star and Invensys to recognize the innovative approach and ability to keep their system up-to-date in an economic and sustainable way unlike any other manufacturer. The flexibility of this system allows COSA to select the features and equipment they want while safeguarding their investment and providing a “future-proof” solution that will continue to keep them one step ahead of changing technologies.

Benefits realized with the upgrade include:

  • Powerful, state-of-the-art enhanced communications
  • Increased functionality
  • Improved performance
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Improved control
  • Pre-planned, on-line upgrades
  • Increased maintainability
  • Preservation of software and engineering investments