Soft Starters: A Cost-Effective Way to Regulate Your Electric Motor

In various fields, solid state starters give companies the ability to control their electric motors’ accelerations. High current and voltage levels are often detrimental to expensive machinery and equipment. However, installing a solid state starter will give you the ability to control starting current and voltage seamlessly. Whether you’re involved in the mining, chemical, metallurgy, oil field, or another industry, you can benefit from the various perks provided by high quality solid state starters.

Improved Motor Control
Solid state starters are applied to electric motors, such as induction motors, when torque, current, and voltage need to be reduced and controlled. In many cases, high currents cause motors to overheat and spark, which can damage them over time. Solid state starters solve the many problems associated with currents that are too high for specific types of machinery. By reducing the voltage of a motor, solid state starters lessen the amount of torque and current applied to it. This modification provides a broad array of benefits to companies, including keeping their equipment in ideal condition.

Greater Savings & Output
Manufacturing and industrial companies stand to gain much from the use of solid state starters, especially when it comes to energy costs and production. For one, solid state starters are simplistic to implement, especially as they’re fairly small. Also, because they’re “solid state” components, soft starters are comprised of no moving devices. This trait makes them long-lasting and reliable pieces of equipment in various environments. Accordingly, because they allow users to control current, voltage, and torque with ease, they provide substantial savings on system operations.

Trust a Skilled Company
Whenever you’re in need of sterling control components for an electric motor, it’s best to rely on the expertise of a company that is fully familiar with soft starters. There are many different models of starters, so it always helps to have access to a professional’s advice. The right company will possess extensive knowledge of solid state starters, the benefits they afford, and how to implement them into your current system. Solid state starters are cost-efficient methods of reducing motor acceleration to suit specific operations, all while cutting back on energy usage and equipment strain.

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