Variable Frequency Drive: Optimized Motor Control

If you’re looking for a solution to help you reduce operational costs for your company by managing motor voltage and speed efficiently, you may benefit from a variable frequency drive (VFD). VFD’s are suitable for a number of applications that take place in various industries. Whether you’re the owner or operator of a cement, metal, power generation facility, water plant, or large production facility, a VFD electric motor controller could offer substantial cost reduction, energy efficiency, equipment longevity, and greater productivity.

What are VFDs?
A variable frequency drive is a form of motor controller that propels electric motors by controlling their frequency and voltage. They can be used in numerous applications and are particularly beneficial to companies looking to cut back energy costs. VFDs allow companies in a number of industries to easily adjust the frequency and voltage of their electric motors to meet the requirements of production or a particular operation. A VFD gives users the freedom to optimize the electric motor speed up or down to accommodate different types of processes.

Precise Operation & Lower Costs
Through the increased power control VFDs provide, you can choose the most productive settings for your electric motor. Additionally, it’s likely that fewer mishaps will occur because your motor will be running at levels that are optimal for whatever operation you’re carrying out. Electric motors make up 70% or more of the power consumed in numerous industries. Therefore, it makes sense to implement VFDs to optimize company productivity, while reducing energy usage and costs considerably. It’s likely your investment in a VFD will pay for itself in just a few months.

Preserves Expensive Equipment
With a VFD securely installed, you can feel confident in the longevity of your electric motor and other equipment, knowing they’re running on appropriate frequency and voltage levels. Whenever necessary, you’ll have the ability to turn down or turn up voltage and frequency. You’ll avoid damage incurred to your equipment caused by overvoltage, thermal overloads, and other issues that can lead to costly repair expenses.

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