Industrial Automation, Communication, Instrumentation and Measurement

Five Star Electric (FSE) is a Systems Integrator that provides process automation solutions which meet the needs of virtually any enterprise in the process industries; from stand-alone processes that need basic and reliable functionality, to complex integrated enterprises that control critical or hazardous operations. We offer engineered solutions that maximize return on investment, conserve resources and optimize performance.

The key to FSE’s success is the ability to network the critical motor control and the system control in one complete solution. Starting with our innovative motor control and progressing to single or multiple PLC cabinets and complete Distributed Control Systems, FSE can measurably improve plant-wide operations, performance and asset utilization for all types of industries. FSE has the capability to package and program any PLC available on the market. Our company’s automation team specializes in the application and implementation of a comprehensive range of products addressing major functional areas such as automation systems & equipment and operations management software that comprise Invensys Enterprise control systems.

These control and safety systems operate some of the world’s largest and most complex industrial plants such as oil refineries, power stations and petrochemical plants. FSE can also supply a full range of field devices including pressure, temperature, flow and analytical measurement and instrumentation products. From transmitters and sensors, to positioners, recorders and controllers, these devices complement our automation systems to provide a complete solution in process control.