Dynamic VAR

Dynamic VAR Systems

Five Star Electric (FSE) specializes in the specification, design, manufacture and installation of Dynamic VAR compensation systems. Dynamic VAR Compensation uses solid state switches, eliminating issues associated with traditional capacitor switching including inrush, restrike, limited switch life, re-switching time limits, and back-to-back switching. Harmonic problems are simplified but not eliminated. Capacitor switching to maintain Power Factor, eliminate sags or mitigate flicker occurs as often as once per cycle. With Dynamic VAR compensation, 3, 7 or 15 levels of VAR adjustment are easily possible. Based on the specific program chosen, the VAR compensator controls adjusts to what the equipment actually requires on a cycle-by-cycle basis.

Medium Voltage Dynamic VAR Compensation Systems are applicable in all industries and greatly improves substation or plant power quality. Their main goal is to resolve power issues such as voltage “Flicker” and “Sag” due to weak power supplies or motor starting. Manufactured for 5kV, 12kV, 13kV & 14kV voltage class.