Medium Voltage

Medium Voltage Control and Systems

Five Star Electric (FSE) is the world leader in the application and installation of Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drive and Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters. Our medium voltage variable frequency drive systems are designed to provide maximum versatility, efficiency and process availability, while the solid state starter packages are the perfect choice when speed control is not required, yet high capacity soft starting is desired.

Our Medium voltage AC drives deliver an impressive combination of benefits:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Precise process control
  • Enhanced energy savings
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Intuitive HMI

Our engineering expertise has made our drive packages the choice for demanding applications that require the highest levels of reliability, precision and longevity. Our VFD’s have been utilized in applications ranging from power generation to oil and gas, water, marine, pulp and paper production, metals and steel, to HVAC. The VFD packages are designed to help you significantly increase productivity, enhance energy efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

In addition to variable frequency drives, medium voltage products include solid state starters, transformers and switchgear rated from 2.3kv to 13.8kv and ranging from 150 kW to 120 MW at motor speeds from 10-15,000 min-1. Medium voltage circuit breakers, disconnects, synchronous bypass units, transformers and power control rooms are specified and selected based on customer’s needs and application criteria.