The City of Houston – Water Plant

Northeast Water Purification Plant (NEWPP) Expansion Project

The City of Houston’s Northeast Water Purification Plant (NEWPP) Expansion Project is a design-build project that will add 320 million gallons per day (MGD) by 2024 to the existing water plant’s capacity. The expansion project will allow the City and the regional water authorities to meet projected demands, while fulfilling requirements set by the Harris-Galveston and Fort Bend Subsidence Districts resulting in a shift from historical groundwater usage to a predominant reliance on surface water.

Construction on the $1.4 billion project began in early 2018. The expansion project consist of a Lake Intake pump station, Twin 108-inch transmission main’s, Pre- and post-treatment, chemical addition, Flocculation/sedimentation basins, Ozone treatment, Filtration, Finished water storage tanks, High service pumping station.

Five Star Electric (FSE) has been awarded a 12 million dollar contract for the supply of Variable Speed Drives, Solid State Starters and integrated PLC sections to control the pumps at five different stations. The Intake Pump Station will consist of six pumps. Four driven by Siemens GH180 VFD’s and two pumps driven by Benshaw MX3 Solid State Starters. The two Transfer Pump Stations will consist of twelve 700HP pumps driven by Siemens GH180 VFD’s. This station also consist of four 800Hp Benshaw MX3 solid state starters driving air scour blowers. The two High Service Pumps Stations consist of 800HP, 1500HP, 2750Hp and 4000HP pumps that are also driven by Siemens GH180 VFD’s. One of the 4000HP pumps at each station will be controlled by a Benshaw MX3 solid state starter. In total FSE is providing 29 medium voltage VFD’s and 8 medium voltage solid state starters engineered specifically for this project.

Five Star Electric, specializing in power conversion products was able to provide all of the engineering and technical expertise required to supply the medium voltage solid state motor control integrated with PLC sections and Input Switchgear. Our engineering team designed a unique PLC section to house the vibration monitors, relays and transformers that saved a considerable amount of real estate in the control room. Five Star Electric provided all of the Harmonic, Torsional and Motor Start analysis required to ensure that the equipment provided will meet the specification and process requirements of this facility. FSE will also provide all of the onsite services for commissioning and start-up of this gear.

Phase 1 of the project is scheduled to be completed in August 2022 with the second phase will be completed and on line by August 2024.